Official Intro movie for Ricky Carmichael by Mattt Stubbs. MOTOCROSS VIDEOS - MOTOCROSS VIDEO CLIPS & MOTO-X MOVIES

Official Intro movie for Ricky Carmichaels MX 2002 by Mattt Stubbs for PS2, XBOX, GameCube.Company: THQ.\n\nMusic: Saliva | SuperStar.\nLength: 1:34.\nYear: 2001 | 2002.\n\nNothing better than watching a good MOTO X Freestyle stunt, equally entertaining is the failure of said Freestyle Stunt. I guess you can either do it or you can\'t and you only get one chance to figure it out. One of the first big intro movies that I ever did was this one. I think the track lent itself well; decent metal song about being a superstar. Fits well with the game. I was particularly happy with how the end effect turned out.

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