http://www.x-tremevideo.com/MX/index.cfm?ccs=84&cs=812&highlight=pipeJust when you thought all the sick riding spots were played out, Powerband Films presents, OTP4 \"Another Score\". Powerband Films travels the world in search of the best riders and terrain. The west coast of USA is no longer the only spot for Freeriding and FMX.Take a trip across the other side of the globe to the best freeride spot in Australia known as the Red Bull Xray event. Created, envisioned and hosted by Robbie Maddison this event has taken freeriding to the next level as FMX\'rs and racers join forces to whip and flip the biggest jumps in OZ.\n\nTravel to Sweden with Andre Villa for a look at the Scandanavian FMX scene.\nJoin Ryan Capes as he breaks the world distance trick record in the harshest blizzard conditions in Washington state with a 253 foot hart attack.\n\nFor the first time in 20 years USA is home to the MX of Nations, hosted at Budds Creek. This is RICKY CARMICHAELS last outdoor race and proves to be an unforgettable one.\nTravel to Florida for a private session with Ben Townley, New Zealand\'s top racer and current USA Outdoor National points leader.\n\nHead to Wyvern Ranch, the newest and most elite super park in the world consisting of a 4 pack of dirt hits, a few gigantic freeride hits, and more. Of course we were lucky enough to build 4 huge new jumps at our favorite big jump paradise, Danimals Domain. Head to the green hills of Santa Ynez to the Zaca Station Outdoor national wonderland for a suzuki test shoot with RyanDungy and Ivan Tedesco.\nOTP4 is the most well rounded international motocross film ever assembled.\n\nRiders include: Dustin Miller, Mike Mason, Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Ronnie Renner, Travis Pastrana, Ryan Villapoto, Adam Jones, Todd Potter, Ben Townley, Robbie Maddison, Andre Villa, and many, many more.\n\nThis film was shot entirely on super 16mm film and HD. With over 10 helicopter shoots, one 35 foot jib crane arm, and numerous dolly shots, Schweitzer and Mack Dawg must think their making a major motion picture in Hollywood. However the fact remains, Powerband Films is still the kings of cinematic motocross films on Planet Earth.\n\nIf you\'ve had \"Another Hit\" and still jonesing for more, better pick up OTP4 \"Another Score\". To see a quick glimpse of some of this years film go to www.powerbandfilms.com

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