DIECAST @ The Kennel Club ~ Sacramento, CA 12/1/2007 also on the bill were ENEMY INSIDE, EKOTREN, BELL TOWER SNIPER&MOWER. Diecast is a five-piece metalcore band originating from Boston, Massachusetts. There are currently no remaining original members that date back to their inception. http://www.diecast1.net/ Formed in Boston sometime in early 1997, Diecast was originally established as a five-piece group featuring vocalist Colin Schleifer, guitarists Nassim Rizvi&Mehdy Rad, bassist Jeremy Wooden and drummer Jason Costa.The band\'s first release Perpetual War was released independently in 1997. The demo was recorded on a cassette tape, and is now near impossible to obtain a copy of, except through eBay on rare occasions.\n\nIn 1998, the band released their debut LP Undo the Wicked via Samson Records. (It would laterto be re-released under Now Or Never Records.) The album marked the first recording of the band as a five-piece line-up with the addition of guitarist Dave McGuire who was replaced just after the Samson Records release with original guitarist Mehdy Rad who rejoined the band after leaving for some time.\n\nAfter the departure of Guitarist and founding member Nassim Rizvi, his position was temporarily filled by a number of friends of the band including Buz McGrath&Ken Susi of the band Unearth. Jonathan Kita would be named the permanent replacement on Lead Guitar in December of 1998.In 1999 as an attempt to appease fans until the next album and in part to generate more label interest the band recorded a self-funded and self-distributed CD sampler with Dean Bartolonis which included early versions of songs \"Solace\" and \"Disrepair\". The recordings were done in just one night. The band toured the east coast of the US and Canada non-stop for the next year. http://www.myspace.com/diecast Amid the buzz surrounding Undo the Wicked, the band signed with the now defunct Now or Never Records. Despite the departure of Guitarist Mehdy Rad in late 2000, they wrote, recorded,&released their second full-length album. This time as a four piece. Day of Reckoning on February 13, 2001. After the release of Day of Reckoning they recruited Kirk Kolaitis formerly of local band Punch the Klown as Rhythm Guitarist. The band embarked on a number of tours across the United States, supporting such heavy metal bands as All Out War, Dying Fetus, God Forbid, Napalm Death - and even opening for Alice Cooper and The Cult.In the spring of 2002, Diecast secured the opening slot for the much-coveted Slayer/Hatebreed tour. At the completion of the tour, the band decided to focus their attention towards a new album. Faced with record label issues, and dissension internally about the musical direction they should take,the recording phase for their third full-length album was halted indefinitely. At this point founding member Colin Schleifer left the group to pursue other interests, and was replaced by current vocalist Paul Stoddard in the spring of 2003.\n\nDiecast inked a new record deal with recognized independent metal label, Century Media Records in 2004. The band then released their third full-length album Tearing Down Your Blue Skies on October 19, 2004. An excerpt of the track \"Rise&Oppose\" was licensed by Volkswagen Automotive and used in an advertisement for the Volkswagen Jetta. The album was re-released by Century Media in 2006, with three bonus tracks including a cover of Raining Blood by former tour-mates and legendary Thrash Metal act Slayer. The three tracks were Produced by Zues of Shadows Fall&Hatebreed fame and were added to the re-release along with enhanced extras which included three music videos. http://underthevolcano.net/article.php?content=issue95/f_diecast.htmlHonours for This Video:#40 - Most Linked (Today) - Music - Global 12/28/2007 Links: 88

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