Honda Ricky Carmichael Radio Shack RC nitro project part 1 MOTOCROSS VIDEOS - MOTOCROSS VIDEO CLIPS & MOTO-X MOVIES

I bought a Ricky Carmichael, Honda CR r/c dirtbike off e bay for about£50. It\'s great, but a bit slow. It\'s also far too reliable, easy to start, far to neat and clean and nowhere near noisy enough. So I intend to fit it with a VX .18 (3cc) nitro engine. This engine has come from a Protech truck I also bought off e bay for £50. I intend to break it up and sell it all apart from the radio gear, the engine, and some of the gearbox cogs. In this video I\'ve started stripping the bike and I\'ve taken the engine out of the truck. There is also a bit of footage of the bike in action in it\'s stock form!

1/5th, 250, buggy, control, cr, honda, petrol, r/c, radio, truck