Honda Ricky Carmichael Radio Shack RC nitro project part 7 MOTOCROSS VIDEOS - MOTOCROSS VIDEO CLIPS & MOTO-X MOVIES

Well it\'s all in real time, so you get to see the first time it fires up! And it starts fourth pull! However getting the thing to keep running is more problematic. I made a manifold and exhust pipe out of an old shopping trolly handle and it looked very good, but just as I stopped filming and started fidling with the settings the joint cracked! So It\'s back to the old drawing board to sort the exhaust! BUT I did say I would have it running by Easter! Not riding anywhere but running. (Added 07/04/07...I think the reason it keeps cutting out is that there is to much of a curve coming strait out of the engine. Wasted fuel builds up and then blocks and drips back down into the engine making it stall. So First I need to remount the bolt above the manifold, then remake my exhaust pipe and bond it to the manifold plate with something a bit stronger and heat resistent than \"chemical metal\". I think I\'ll try braizing it. So I\'ll get some braizing rods today and have a go on Easter Sunday!)

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