Honda Ricky Carmichael Radio Shack RC nitro project part 8 MOTOCROSS VIDEOS - MOTOCROSS VIDEO CLIPS & MOTO-X MOVIES

Yes it\'s running! After some frantic tuning over the weekend and even an e mail from the makers of the VX 18 engine telling me how to tune it! So it\'s taken about a month to build, about 2 hours a day, so about 30 to 60 hours work. The bike itself was a second hand ebay purchase.£25 for the bike and £25 for postage from the good old US of A. The engine, radio gear and exhaust cost £15 (after selling the donor truck bits). The Thunder Tiger tank was £13 as was the one way bearing for the spur gear. The spur gear itself was £4, and then add about £10 for nut\'s, bolts, glue, aluminium solder etc. I make that a total of £105! Next mod\'s will be a brake (it has a lot of momentum when you take off the power and the only way to stop it is to steer to one side and use the skids)and maybe a roto start. Next movie will be off road and with some thrash metal music. I promise!

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