TGO 2007-The Formula - Motorcross Film Teaser MOTOCROSS VIDEOS - MOTOCROSS VIDEO CLIPS & MOTO-X MOVIES 39 years old, The Hangtown Motocross Classic -- otherwise known as \"Hangtown\" -- is the oldest and most storied National on the AMA National Championship Series schedule. On Sunday, May 20, 2007, Hangtown kicked off the 2007 AMA Nationals, and that\'s where the first principal of The Formula --the latest and greatest offering from the producers and creators of The Great Outdoors series -- was sent forth.\n\nBeginning with the opening AMA Motocross Lites moto on the 40-turn Prairie City SVRA Park track, a battery of cameras began recording history, history made primarily by Pro Circuit/Kawasaki teammates Ben Townley and Ryan Villopoto, as well as the history made by Ricky Carmichael\'s \"Thanks for coming. Drive safely\" farewell tour and the rider who tried to throw a wrench in it all, James Stewart. All summer long, the TGO crews followed Villopoto and Townley, who were so dominant andomnipotent, they won 11 of 12 Nationals and 22 of 24 total motos. The determination, desire, enthusiasm and talent displayed by the two competitors was astonishing, and The Formula caught all the emotional ups-and-downs the duo, and those who chased them, experienced.\n\nThe Formula crews were thereto record the spectacular on-track action that unfolded between the \"greatest of all-time\" Carmichael and the young, mercurial James Stewart. And when Stewart was forced to exit the series due to destroying his knee at Washougal, the TGO Formula crew switched gears, as well as camera batteries, to begin preserving the free for all that broke out when Grant Langston, Kevin Windham, Andrew Short, Tim Ferry and Mike Alessi -- all smelling blood in the form of the AMA Motocross Number One Plate -- entered into an all-out brawl, the title not decided until the very last moto at Glen Helen.\n\nGoing places with their cameras and microphones that nobody has gone before, The Formula is a 60 minute thrill ride that will take you -- the viewer --right up to the fence, into the pits, inside the semi-trucks, up into the rider motor coaches and hold you so spellbound that your fingers will be pried tothe side of your couch.

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