Each time i go out i get a little quicker, your site takes the guess work out of riding.I purchased Steve Lamson's riding technique video and learned nothing. Its amazing what you can learn by taking an hour out to read up on your weak points. This weekend i am going to work on braking and accelerating through the turns where i find myself coasting..


Marc 691


I've been riding bikes my whole life, never raced motox tho, just trail riding mainly. I bought motoxschool to help me, help my 8 year old son get better and ride safer. Its like the absolute perfect tool for a parent of a rider young or older. The riding safety info and tips found in motoXschool are impossible to know unless you have had years of experience, and im so grateful that you created this website. Thank you. My boy is getting really fast with your tips. Funny thing is my son doesnt know I bought this membership, he thinks I'm like super moto dad!

Jake. M.
Tulsa, OK

Thanks for taking the time to build this site! I normaly don't pay for info on the internet since there is so much free info available out there, but for $30.00 I figured I couldn't go too wrong. Wow, after actually seeing all the info you have written there it was by far worth the $30 I paid. I've been ridding dirt and street bikes for years but never raced MX, I sold my old KX500 this year and bought a new CR250R with the intention to actually race next year,practice this year. There was so much I didn't know even after ridding for so many years on my own. Great job, I can't wait to get a chance to go out this weekend and try everything you've said. In just reading your beginners section I've already learned alot of what I knew I was doing wrong but couldn't figure out on my own. I can't wait to get these skills down so I can move onto your more advanced tips. The only problem I have with your site is that I just can't stop reading it. Again great job, I'm very impressed, I have several friends who are going to start racing with me next year as well, unfortuneatly as much as I'd love to tell them about your site I can't, its like my secret weapon.

Thanks so much again for taking the time to do all that typing,



Just wanted to let you know...

The week before I found your school I raced my first race and couldn't of done worse. I've been ridding a long time, just never raced so I didn't think I'd do too bad. Was I ever wrong, I came in last place and actually got lapped by the person who won.

That's when I found your web site since anything would help. It seemed where I was doing so poorly was in the turns. I read and reread all of your advice, then I spent every spare minute I had out practicing just my turns. In fact I found a section of old track that no one was ridding on anymore and all it consisted of was several turns. I just kept thinking about your advice and applying it. I did dump my bike twice but no damage done, it was also hard for me to tell if I had gotten any better, though I felt I had and was more confident.

The week after reading your site front to back and spending the practice time I had another race. I was racing the same group of people again this time and I actually came in 9th place out of 20 on my second race ever! I couldn't believe I was actually passing people IN THE TURNS! I just kept focus on the next person in front of me and went after them till I had a chance to pass, then on to the next guy.


Tony Wawrzynski

P.S. Next race is this Sunday and I've been practicing more, hopefully I'll do even better.

Dear Sir,

Im Andy, (20yr old) from the United Kingdom. Having started motocross of June 2003, I adapted pretty well, but I still needed to learn the more advanced techniques of motocross. I searched Google.com for various sites and I came across MotoXschool. I read what MotoXschool had to offer on its main page and downloaded the demo video...I had to sign up.

 This site is actually what it says it is and does have INDEPTH information for all moves on a bike when riding.

Excellent Work MotoXschool, well worth the $30 (£15)



Hey Brian, my name is Scott, i am amazed at your site, every time i come on the net i look it up, you do a very good job, your also a very talented rider. I live in Australia and ride dirt bikes, your website has given me confidence in the way i ride. Keep up the good work,


message from facebook to us -

oh cool i was running through looking for my freind from up there and your name popped up and i wondered if it was you. lol yeah big fan of the site love it all. helped me out a-lot. i'm gonna be racing this next summer is it cool if i kinda promote you guy's i don't want nothin from ya just thought i could help return the favor for the help you guy;s have given me