Travis Pastrana - The Journey To The Double Backflip MOTOCROSS VIDEOS - MOTOCROSS VIDEO CLIPS & MOTO-X MOVIES

Song: Bon Jovi - It\'s My Life---This is a video I made for a long time ago! About Travis\' biggest challenge ever in Freestyle Motocross! The Double Backflip on a 240 pound motorcyckle!Travis Pastrana was the first person ever to think about, try and land it! He did it first time home in his phom pit in 2004! But, did\'nt try to land it before 2005! At X-Games Best Trick Final in 2006, he went for it, and he landed it perfectly! \nAcctually, one of the judges did not rate a 100 out of a 100, but making the score 98.60\n\nPlease enjoy, rate and comment!\n\nEnjoy!

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